While listening to a sermon preached by John Piper, January of 2009, my heart was filled with gratefulness for the man that the Lord has placed in my life. The following excerpt will be helpful in communicating why such praise to my God lifted from my lips:

“December 21 was [Noel and I’s] 40th wedding anniversary. We went away for a couple days. During that time, we read and prayed over Psalm 40 and Isaiah 40. We talked about the difficulties of the year gone by. We pondered how easy it is to get discouraged with painful circumstances. We recalled lunch times when we rehearsed a dozen things that were discouraging in our lives.

And it came clear to us that what we need to do is stop letting the voice of negative circumstances dominate our conversations. Yes, you have to be realistic. The painful things are really there. But we realized that the word of God, the promises of God, the works of God, the thoughts of God, the person of God—that voice was not being spoken into those moments. There may have been devotions in the morning, and there may have been devotions in the evening. But at that moment, God’s word was silent. That was mainly my fault. It’s a husbands’ role to lead with the word of God.”

Girls, find a man who when you are heartbroken over the pain you see around you will tell you of the love of God. Find a man who, when you are overwhelmed with the world, will read you Matthew 6:25-34. Find a man who, when you are burdened by your guilt, will expand to you Romans 8:1. Find a man who, when you are weak, will make you strong through the reading and reminding and preaching of the Word of God.

Pray to be blessed with such a man and when you find him, hold onto him.