If I had to make my best guess, I would say he was about twenty-seven years old. He sat on a ferry from Brooklyn to Manhattan but not on a seat. He perched his body on a rail and balanced by his feet being on the edge of a seat. He wore tight jeans, a cut-off t-shirt and sunglasses in the “hip” style.

If I had to make a guess I would say that he was six-foot tall and on the lower side of average on body weight index. He had long brown hair accompanied by a beard from his ears to his chin and the ensemble was not recently brushed but not dirty.

If I had to make my best guess, I would say he was lonely because of the way his mouth hung still and his shoulders turned in and yet I would say he had confidence in himself because he laughed at the air and smiled at nothing.

If I had to make my best guess, he was a “cool” guy from Brooklyn, going to the city to meet some friends. He had tennis shoes on that were dark blue and he bobbed his head up and down with the rhythm of the river-waves our boat was making.

If I had to make my best guess, I don’t think Mrs. Hawkins was the only Christian to see him and comment that he looked like Jesus. He fit the role perfectly of a thirty-year old, white, male with adequate build and beard and long hair. I only needed to see if his eyes were blue to be sure.

If I had to make my best guess, I bet he looked nothing like Jesus really did while on earth. But, as she said it an interesting thing happened to me. I sat there and thought, “what if this man were Jesus? Or rather, what if I were in Jerusalem right now in a crowd of people, crying “Hosanna!” and waving palm branches? What if I were sitting before the Son of God? Would I recognize him? Would I love him?”

If I had to make my best guess, I couldn’t even say if I would recognize and adore him because the whole concept of Jesus walking on earth is so familiar to my mind, but so foreign to my heart. Don’t get me wrong-I believe Jesus was fully God and fully man and walked on earth and taught and died and rose again, but when I stop and think about it-it seems so incredible. Here I was, looking at this man and trying to imagine-the Son of God, God himself, was in a body similar to this and died for me.

If I had to make my best guess, I would say that nothing in the world is more incredible, mind-blowing, amazing, unfathomable, powerful, and true.

If I had to make my best guess, I bet a lot of people on that ferry didn’t think the same things I did-not that my thoughts are better or more righteous- but I don’t think half of those people think about God being man on earth because they don’t actually believe it happened.

If I had to make my best guess, the next thought that God would whisper to me if I hadn’t gotten up and left that ferry would be: “Tell them. Tell them that I became man, manifested the Fathers glory, lived a perfect life under law, died a sinners death on a cross under the Father’s wrath so that you may have life!”