I entitled this collection of thoughts “A Word to Men Pursuing Woman” for the following reasons.
Word: implying actual Word. Word of God. Bible.
Men: This only applies to men. Not boys that shave. Men.
Pursing: whether married and daily pursuing your wife, engaged and daily pursing your fiancée, dating and daily pursuing your girlfriend, or thinking about dating and pursuing someone at some point in your life, this Word applies to you.
Woman: This is for men pursuing one single woman be it wife, fiancée, girlfriend, or prospective lover.
Now that the titles over, lets get onto the Word.

Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church…having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word.” –Ephesians 5:25-26

Christ loved us by sacrifice (v. 25) of himself so that he could wash us with the water of the Word (v. 26) so that he could present us to himself spotless (v. 27).

In the same way-husbands love your wives or in a broader sense (which the original language allows for) man love your woman.

Love her by leaving bible verses by her bed.
Love her by texting her a verse once a day that applies to how she is doing emotionally-which means you need to ask daily cause girls emotions change.
Love her by reading the bible out loud to her after dinner.
Love her by waking her up reading the bible.
Love her by buying her a really nice bible.
Love her by asking her to read the bible together.
Love her by studying the bible together.
Love her by asking what she is learning in the bible.
Love her by recording your voice reading the New Testament.
Love her by doing the dishes so she can read the bible alone for twenty minutes.
Love her by asking her to the park for a date and when you get there have a nice blanket, lemonade and two bibles.
Love her by praying she read the bible.
Love her by reading the bible yourself.
Love her by memorizing scripture so you can say it to her at a moments notice.
Love her by memorizing scripture together–its more fun with two people.
Love her by making Christ and thus the bible a good majority of your time together and if not a majority at least a minority.

The world needs fewer boys and more men. The church needs fewer men and more men that read God’s Word. Women need fewer men that read Gods Word and more men that preach God’s Word. Preach to your wife, your fiancée, your girlfriend and they will feel loved.

Thank you to my husband, the greatest example I have seen of this. If you believe that list is impossible, talk to Ryan Hawkins.

Grace and Peace.